Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sean's teachers & places he learned

Going for a nature walk along the beach.
HS in a friend's home.

This is Lisa, Sean's Russian teacher. For five years Lisa taught Sean to read, write and speak the Russian language.
This is Sean with his two quallified primary teachers. Janet helped me sourse and buy books. She also gave me a copy of the cirriculum used in all schools across Ireland. When she got married and moved to Australlia she introduced us to ----- who took over from her and helped us with Sean's education. She Travelled from Dublin to visit us and she also was instrumental in supervising Sean when he took the Drumcondra tests over the years.

Niall and Sean working together on a project in his class room.

Sean and another boy I home schooled interviewing a manager in the Marshes.
Sean interviewing a model.

Sean and Dylan interviewed Sara who is a --------

Sean and Dylan working with an educational board game about money.

We three working in the Marshes Shopping Centre. I used this oppertunity to teach Sean a little independance by encouraging him to visit  Easons to buy a magazine on his own, and visit the gents etc.

Working in a friend's house by the sea. Sean liked this very much as he often spent time on the beach.

A day working and playing at Blackrock.

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Sean working alongside a friend who was completing his own homework.

Well, a change of scenery and position is as good as a rest!

A bit of quiet reading.

Sean often spent time with his dad who worked volentary in a local radio station. Sometimes Sean took part and sometimes he took his books along and worked on them.
in the classroom.

Sean reading funny poems to his teacher.

Enjoying the spring weather while working.

One of our favourite places to do work was in a local hotel. In the winter they had a beautiful fire lit every day that we would sit beside and work and in the Summer we went out to the walled garden and enjoyed having hot chocolate while we worked.

I took Sean to a mayjor toy shop to help him figure out persentages (sales on toys with 25% off etc) just for a change of scenery. I found that lessons taught in an unusaul way usually stuck for longer.

Working on a science project.

Having a break from work and enjoying chess or draughs in a local catfe. We did this regurally over the years. It was good for both of us!

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